childFounded in 2003 UCP Group has developed a global brand of trust and excellence in the security, educational and training sectors.
Providing experts and training programs where needed for governments to establish a raised standard and keep it there.
UCP Group has offices in several countries, Nigeria being our new 2016 success.
UCP Nigeria is a leading provider of bespoke and cost-effective specialist police and military training programs. From Static Security Guard to Specialist firearms training, our experienced SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) design and deliver proven capacity-building and institutional reform to worldwide agencies, helping them meet higher standards in security, foreign policy and law enforcement objectives.
UCP Nigeria work globally helping governments with specialist training for Military and Special Security Forces and training local councils to secure people and places using up-to-date technology including Cyber Intelligence and CCTV.
UCP Nigeria wrote an in-depth security doctrine covering land sea and air, specially designed for Nigeria.
Not only does UCP Nigeria cover training for security, but also educational programs that are internationally recognised in over 80 countries.
Train the people program works and UCP Nigeria help locals with educational and training programs for them to carry the instruction on for their community.
UCP Nigeria doesn’t stop there. We also give 10% of our annual profits to the local charities to help build more schools and academies.
UCP Nigeria is like no other company operating within the security sector, giving back to the community is the best gift of all.